Marsha and her husband, Lenny, have traveled around the world, fishing the world's "hot spots," and will be happy to share their insights into various locations, charter boats, best fishing times, where to stay, what to bring fishing and clothing wise, etc.  Contact them with any questions via their email and they will respond quickly.

1998 was a busy year traveling to locations from A to V. While on a cruise to Alaska we managed to work in some Halibut fishing in Juno. Fun...yes, but not in comparison with marlin fishing. Also in the "A" category, we fished Anguilla in the British West Indies with Captain Roddy Hays. Caught a couple of very nice blue marlin and Roddy and Susan were exemplary hosts.

The "V" locations came in pairs also. We fished with the Gigi fleet in Venezuela four or five times in 1998, and caught some marlin, swords and sails. Then in November we made our way to Vanuatu. This is the island chain formerly known as the New Hebrides which so inspired James Michner with its beauty during World War II that he wrote "Tales of the South Pacific".

After arriving via Air Vanuatu, we were greeted at the airport by Don McQoid and Captain Remy Frouin who operate Ocean Blue Pacific Charters. They spent the remainder of our visit making us feel like family. We fished out of the Capital City of Port Vila on the island of Efate, staying in a romantic setting called Iririki Island Resort on a private island in Port Vila's Harbor.

Fishing eight days alternating between "Ymer" and "Shogun" we caught six blue marlin, a very nice striped marlin and a couple of sails. Had a Grand Slam -- two blues, a stripe and a sail, only lacking a black for a Super Slam. We had been told that I couldn't catch blue marlin off Vanuatu on 50-pound standup tackle. They are tougher than in many other locations because of the extreme depths of the water. They greyhound across the surface and then sound, and once they do, they like to stay down. I had to persevere on a really stubborn one until I won out, but had most to the boat in five to fifteen minutes.

Vanuatu has it all....exciting fishing, a South Seas setting, marvelous cuisine with a French influence and a warm, gentle-hearted native population. Sounds like paradise to me!

Next up -- Hatteras, North Carolina the beginning of February for giant blue fin tuna. Catch the Hatteras happenings here after my return.

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