Subsequent to her first painful learning battles with blue marlin on short rods (5 1/2  feet instead of the customary 7 feet) in 1986, Marsha went on to perfect a standup short rod technique which facilities the capture of the largest of the ocean's  gamefish in comparably short periods of time.  Her impact on the sport of big game angling has been profound.  Marsha's name has become synonymous with standup short rod fishing.  She has championed the transformation of big game fishing into an athletic sport, requiring an angler be physically fit in order to excel.  She is widely credited by members of the media  and manufacturers alike for the acceptance  and popularity of standup short rod fishing today.

The numbers of fish she had subdued is clearly impressive.  Marsha has over 2,500 billfish captures to her credit, 300 of which are Blue and Black Marlin, the largest of the gamefishes.  She has tagged and released all nine of the billfish species and all three of the major tunas. These feats become magnified because they were achieved on nothing heavier than standup short rods and 50-pound line.

Marsha was the first woman to win the Bahamas Billfish Championship, taking the title with wins in back-to-back tournaments, the Bimini Blue Marlin Tournament followed by the Chub Cay Summer Blue Marlin Tournament, in 1977.  She holds the distinction of being the only angler to log over 100 Blue Marlin captures off Bimini in the Bahamas.  Marks of distinction, but not what would garner her notoriety.  Her successes with standup short rods would provide that impetus.  Marsha's successes and mastery of fishing have propelled her to become the pre-eminent international offshore angler.

Marsha is acknowledged as a true sportwoman and conservationist as she blazes new trails in what has previously been male-dominated territory.  Her performance and reputation now spans six continents.

Currently she travels the world with her husband, Lenny, fishing, conducting seminars, teaching her successful standup technique and advocating the release of gamefish in appearances spanning  the globe  from Africa to Australia.

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